About the owner of Little Lash Boutique in Babylon

The owner of Little Lash Boutique, and Little Brow Boutique at Argyle Lake in Babylon Village, Long Island, New York.

About the owner of Little Lash Boutique®️

First of all, THANK YOU for visiting the Little Lash Boutique®️ website! Being the owner of Little Lash Boutique®️ in Babylon is truly a dream. We are across the street from Monsoon and next door to Juice N Blends, right in the heart of Babylon Village.  The most common question I get other than “how long do ‘they’ last?” is “how did you get into individual eyelash extensions?” Long story short, my bachelors degree is in psychology, but one thing I’ve always been obsessed with are eyelashes, eyebrows, and mascara.  I even spent my high school mornings figuring out how to wear strip lashes every day! One day I decided to enroll in beauty school and instantly got hooked with individual eyelash extensions and eyebrow extensions.  

This little bit on me has been updated on March 25th, 2014 because I needed to share an embarrassing experience that I thought I had to keep to myself.  Like I said, I've always been obsessed with eyelashes.  I was always looking for the newest mascara (I like the fat brushes), trying different growth serums, and fine tuning the "art" of applying strip lashes.  I went onto the good ole Google search engine and typed in "eyelash extensions Long Island."  I found some ad on Craigslist and went for it.  I heard about individual eyelash extensions, but went to this place and got cluster pieces for $50.  I thought that is what they were supposed to be.  I would go back every couple of weeks after I pulled out whatever was left on my eyes.  It was the most miserable task taking baby oil to my eyes and twisting them off.  It was so painful.  I was going to this place for about a year.  I noticed instantly that whenever I went to put on mascara, the mascara just "didn't look right."  I honestly thought my eyelashes were rejecting the mascara.  But in fact, I learned that my natural eyelashes were falling out and being ripped out.  My eyelash technician should have told me to take a break and that my natural lashes were in bad shape.  Gross part--I had a stye on my left eye, but didn't pay much attention.  I went to a new place (a nail salon, and experimented with Groupon...ugh, I know!) and got the clusters put on two times.  When I finally decided maybe something was wrong with my eye, it was almost too late.  I ended up with a double stye eye infection.  I had one on my lid line and the other under my lid.  It was so embarrassing especially being in esthetics school.  My eye doctor gave me different creams and suggestions on getting rid of the infection but nothing was working.  I was then scheduled for surgery.  Before my surgery date, I kept putting a warm compress on the infection hoping it would just go away since Googlers said it would work.  One evening the stye on my lid line looked like it was going to surface, so I popped it.  Yes, I popped my eye lid.  What ended up happening is that I had a hole on the surface of my lid with meaty-lid-insides trying to squeeze out.  It turned into a scab but did not go away.  The one under the lid did disappear after some time.  A few weeks later, still using hot compresses and now apple cider vinegar, it looked like the stye was surfacing again.  I left it alone except for the apple cider vinegar until one day I asked someone, "does it look like I have an ingrown hair coming out of the white part?"  And sure enough it was an ingrown hair.  I plucked it and completely healed.  Ingrown hairs happen when follicles are damaged or the conditions are not sanitary.  I still have a scar that looks more like a dimple on my lid but it was a lesson well learned.  I needed to learn why this happened to me so I got certified in eyelash extensions, and did my research.  After I got certified I put a Facebook post on my personal account asking, “who wants free eyelash extensions?” Everyone and their mother (literally) wanted them.  If I did not have someone to do free eyelashes on, I would literally call or knock on my neighbor's doors.  I cannot tell you how many people had similar stories to me.  I was doing cluster-removals (nail salon lashes) a few times a week.  One day I was on my way home from a run, and I saw a store for rent in Babylon Village, and it dawned on me!  I need to be in the public's face and teach, support, and provide people with the right products.  One promise I've made to myself, and to my fellow lash enthusiasts is to keep track of the condition of every customers natural eyelashes.  If they are looking weak for one reason or another, the customer is made aware and given choices.  If action is not taken by the customer such as using a growth serum, changing materials, or taking a break, Little Lash Boutique®️ puts customers on a "time out" until the natural lashes are strong enough again.  I was determined to be the best, and now according to Yelp, Little Lash Boutique is!   Welcome! You’re in good hands.

If you only remember one thing from my story, just know your eyes are safe with us.  

♥️ Joann Daly

E-mail me at Joann@littlelashboutique.com with any questions or concerns.