How to take care of individual eyelash extensions

Brush Daily

Most people do not realize that natural eyelashes grow. When you leave Little Lash Boutique, your individual eyelash extensions will be perfect. However, nature kicks back and your extensions could cross.  Brushing them daily will keep them straight. Lash brush available at Little Lash Boutique. 

A Little Bubbly....

Foam lash wash that is! Take one pump and massage onto the lids. Then swipe down from root to tip of extensions. Finish off by splashing water onto the lashes to remove lash foam wash. Available at Little Lash Boutique. 

Some Pointers

Try using our sealant on your classic individual eyelash extensions to keep them waterproof, and to help keep the extensions in place (cannot be used on Russian eyelash extensions). Stay away from saunas, hot yoga, and please remember to give your extensions 24 to 48 hours curing time before you wet them.  After this time frame, your individual eyelash extensions from Little Lash Boutique are completely non-damaging and waterproof.