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How to take care of individual eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions aftercare includes brushing your lashes daily.

Brush Daily

Most people do not realize that natural eyelashes grow. When you leave Little Lash Boutique, your individual eyelash extensions will be perfect. Keep them dry for the first 24 hours, meaning no swimming, sweating, washing your face in the shower (wash around the lashes with a facial wipe). After about a week, nature kicks back and your extensions could cross especially with them growing out.  Brushing them daily, even a couple of times a day with a clean, and dry spoolie will keep them straight. If you did not receive the little gift we give at the end of each service, make sure to ask your artist for it. If you want a brush that is in a container, we sell them at Little Lash Boutique. When the 24 hour mark has past, you can get them wet.  However, if you are in a pool, or the ocean, make sure to splash the extensions with fresh water. You should also do the same if you heavily sweat.  

To keep your natural lashes strong, and healthy, using a foam eyelash extensions wash is recommended daily.

A Little Bubbly?

Foam lash wash that is! Hopefully you purchased the aftercare kit by now. After 24 hours from your appointment, you can wash you extensions. Take one pump and massage onto the lids. Then swipe down from root to tip of extensions with the soft lash brush (not the spoolie). Finish off by splashing water onto the lashes to remove lash foam wash.  If you wear heavy makeup, or a lot of eye makeup, you should wash with the foam was once a day.  If you do not wear a lot of makeup, and do not sweat excessively, you can wash every other day. If you find yourself wanting to put mascara on, the set you have is not the set of extensions you want.  Go fuller at your next appointment, but just make sure to let us know ahead so we can plan for extra time.  

Every natural eyelash is isolated, then a light weight extension is applied. Our eyelash extensions artists are all New York State licensed, and multi-certified.

Some Pointers

Try using our sealant on your classic individual eyelash extensions to keep them waterproof, and to help keep the extensions in place (cannot be used on Russian eyelash extensions). Stay away from saunas, hot yoga, and please remember to give your extensions 24 to 48 hours curing time before you wet them.  After 24-48 hours, your individual eyelash extensions from Little Lash Boutique are completely waterproof.  

Additional Information

As you will learn about at your personalized consultation with your esthetician at Little Lash Boutique, the natural eyelashes have a growth cycle.  With or without eyelash extensions, it is expected to shed two to six natural eyelashes a day. That being said, here is what your retention should look like before needing more service time, or even a new set.

At the time of your fill-in appointment you must have at least:

Very Natural Fill...45% left on 

2 Week-Fullish & Fullest Fill...50% left on

3 Week Fullish & Fullest Fill...35% left on

If less than those percentages are left on for your fill-in appointment, please contact us immediately so we can extend your appointment time.  If you show up to your appointment with less than the expected percentage, your artist will do what she can to get you where you are supposed to be. Prices are not adjusted. Aftercare is key! 

Want better retention? Get the aftercare products recommended by us.  

Russian Volume eyelash extensions
Russian Volume eyelash extensions