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What is Microblading?

Microblading is the most amazing brow service anyone could get!  Individual strokes of pigment are implanted under the first layer of skin creating  3-d eyebrows!  The "hair strokes" look like they can actually be tweezed! This is not eyebrow hair transplant surgery!  Microblading is technically permanent makeup performed by a Suffolk County certified body artist .  This is a two step process: (1)The first appointment is three hours long which includes time for numbing, (2) then in 6 to 8 weeks we meet again for about an hour and a half and perfect the new brows.  The second part is absolutely necessary because the microblading has to go through its preliminary fading in order for us to understand your skin better. Areas that need additional time will be addressed during this appointment.  Microblading is great for someone looking to just fill in their brows a bit, to people who may have conditions such as a alopecia.  Those who are not candidates for microblading are people who are allergic to nickle, and pigment, and those who are prone to developing keloids. Those who have diabetes, and autoimmune issues may not be a candidate either. Book your appointment for a consultation and meet with one of our microblading artists with all of your questions.  Bring pictures of brows you like, and dislike as well.   

Microblading is the most amazing brow service anyone could get! Perfection!
Microblading is the most amazing brow service anyone could get! Perfection!

What is the keratin lash lift?

The keratin lash lift is a lash service that enhances your natural lashes by lifting, curling, and tinting. This is an ideal service for someone who does not have the time to commit to the individual eyelash extensions--but it will not look like extensions by any means.  The keratin lash lift will look like a single coat of mascara after it has been curled. The service takes about one hour, and typically lasts the clients 6-8 weeks. Most clients need to come back around the 3 week mark to darken their tint, as it does fade due to the nature of a vegetable-based tint. 

Most people get a really good result with the keratin lash lift, but some are just not thrilled with it for different reasons. The reality of this service is that it just enhances what you already have.  Sometimes one eye may lift more than the other, and once in a while, the service just does not work for some clients.  It is nothing we are doing differently.  It just comes down to chemistry, and during the summer humidity plays a role.  Those who benefit the most from this service have long natural lashes.  Using an eyelash growth serum will absolutely make the service look better if your natural lashes are short (we sell Revitalash).  If you are unsure if this lash enhancement is for you, feel free to make an appointment for a lash consultation. 

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Remember to not wear any mascara to your lash appointment.