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Who We Are


Little Lash Boutique® opened it's doors in 2013, and has always been a step above since.   What makes us a better lash establishment than the rest?  We will never have a novice eyelash extensions artist touch you.  At the franchise type places, or other salons that offer eyelash services, or eyebrow services, you are guaranteed to get a person just learning how to apply eyelash extensions whether they tell you or not.  

Little Lash Boutique® does not have a "lash count." After an in depth consultation of covering lengths, materials, curls, design, and fullness, together we come up with your perfect set of individual eyelash extensions. If extensions are not an option, our Keratin Lash Lift, or vegetable-based tint services may be the best thing you've heard of all day.  Come check us out in beautiful Babylon, New York. 


Many people ask us, "what's more important, lashes, or brows?" Simple put, lashes are a bonus, but brows are a necessity.  Our one-of-a-kind technique was carefully crafted by Little Lash Boutique's sole proprietor Joann Donnelly who trained directly under the brow artist of the Kardasians. 

We are proud to say that we could possibly get your brows growing back as soon as three months--you just have to follow brow directions! We are not your quick-wax type of place, so appointments are highly encouraged for all of our services.  Make an appointment for a consultation if you are unsure of the help your brows need.  Some amazing eyebrow services, and eyelash services include Brow Lamination, Microblading, our famous Sculpt & Tint, Keratin Lash Lifts  and more! 

Come check us out at our Babylon Village location!


With BOTOX, or fillers from our double board certified facial plastic surgeon.  How about achieving perfect skin complexion with a bit of hydration, or anti-aging serums from a BB Glow cosmetic microneedling service?  

Needles not your cup of tea?  Inquire today about our needleless treatments which include lip plumping, wrinkle-reduction, and facial fat melting!  

Meet the Team

LITTLE LASH BOUTIQUE® where true beauty rest happens

Little Lash Boutique® is devoted completely to your eyelashes, eyebrows, and skin, where we only have licensed, multi-certified, and well-experienced eyelash and eyebrow technicians. If this is your first stop for eyelash extensions, keratin lash lift, eyebrow extensions*, or microblading*, or for any of our other eyebrow services, or eyelash services great!  If not, this will be your last stop.  Our clients learn quickly why we are New York's best service provider for lashes and brows.  We were a "lash and brow bar" before it became a "thing." 

A  cookie-cutter approach to eyelash extensions and brow services is not what you will find here.  Different curvatures, diameters, and 15 different lengths of eyelash extensions are always stocked. Your licensed esthetician will teach you about  the different materials available, about the human lash growth cycle,  why infections occur, and of course the correct method individual  eyelash extensions should be applied.  If you are looking for a "quick brow clean up" that is not what you will get at Little Lash Boutique®. We are eyebrow regrowth specialists who spend time on mapping, measuring, and mastering your eyebrows.   

Come in to our lash and brow boutique at 29 Deer Park Avenue in Babylon Village, New York 11702 where you can consult with an eyelash and eyebrow technician.  Only the highest quality products are available. Little Lash Boutique® is not your typical salon that has a "girl that does lashes"; Here you get a consultation with a licensed and certified esthetician and hand-pick à  la carte the products and tools needed to achieve your eyelash goals.   Some products available at the Little Lash Boutique® include top rated eyelash growth serums, eyelash extensions mascaras, sealants, lash foam wash, eyeliners, and of course, strip (false) lashes, colored and  glitter individual lashes "mermaid lashes", and "unicorn lashes."

We also have an array of proprietary products to help maintain your eyebrow service with us including growth serums, and eyebrow cosmetics. Make an appointment with one of our microbladers to discuss your options if you cannot grow them in on your own.   

What happened to the owner of Little Lash Boutique® that made her open this establishment in 2013? Click the link below to find out more.


We understand at Little Lash Boutique® and Little Brow Boutique® that our cancellation policy is pretty strict. You are born with only one face, and we take that extremely serious.  Our company does not just hire anyone that applies for a position. Unlike other places that offer eyelash extensions, or brow services, our artists are not "hourly employees."  They are only paid if they have a client. So yes, our time is valuable as yours is. Babylon Village is known for it's congested parking. "I'm outside parking" does not count as you present for your appointment, and you could be refused service.  Yelling at the receptionist, or asking to speak to her boss will not get you seen. Due to the nature of our work, we cannot rush the artists and most definitely cannot run into the next clients appointment time.  Most of our clients appreciate this. NEW CLIENTS must arrive 10 minutes early for paperwork. If not, then it could cut into your service time.  

  • All appointments must be confirmed via text or voice call to Little Lash Boutique®
  • If less than 24 hours notice is given for classic lashes, a 50% cost of scheduled  appointment charge will be applied. If you "no-show" (same day cancellation) your lash or brow appointment, the full service charge will be applied. 
  • Russian Volume and new sets require 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule without penalty.  $100 cancellation/late  reschedule fee will be applied if less than 48 hours to 24 hours notice  is given to cancel or reschedule. If less than 24 hours notice is given to reschedule or cancel a Russian Volume appointment, the full amount  will be charged.  
  • Arriving 10 minutes or later for your confirmed lash or brow appointment will have to be rescheduled, and a full charge of the missed appointment will be applied. We respect your time, please respect ours. 
  • All appointments that need to be canceled or rescheduled must be called in 631-245-7028.  
  • A credit card is required for all appointments,  however, your credit card information is encrypted for your protection.   $100 non-refundable & non-transferable deposit required for all first time appointments.    

Always feel free to call us with any questions.

*If your appointment is not confirmed within the appropriate time, we assume you are not coming to the appointment and your appointment will be given to the next person on the waiting list*