Cancellation Policy


We look forward to meeting you!

At Little Lash Boutique® we truly believe that your face is the one thing you cannot get back if it ends up in the wrong hands. That being said, we only hire those artists with the same philosophy, and who are well-experienced. No one is part-time at Little Lash Boutique®, this is our career. 

We will be in touch with you!

As with all of our lash, brow, and lip services, we like to be as transparent as possible. All appointments must be confirmed at least 24 hours before the time of your appointment.  7 days before your appointment, we will text you once a day from our main line 631-245-7028. That message will ask you to confirm your appointment by saying "yes" or "reschedule" or whatever you want to write back because that number is connected directly to our front desk computer with a real person responding! If you do not hear from us before your appointment, something went wrong, so feel free to contact us. We also reach out via an automated message, an email, and lastly a final phone call .  If we are still unable to reach you, your appointment will be rescheduled. 

What if I need to cancel?

Call, or text us at 631-245-7028 at least 24 hours before your confirmed appointment. Cancellations via e-mail, social media, reaching one of our artists outside of the main line, or any other way other than calling or texting are not acceptable forms of cancellation. 

What if I do not confirm my appointment?

If after texting you once a day for 7 days, sending an automated, and "real person" email, and making at least one phone call towards the end of the 7 days we do not hear from you, we have no choice but to assume you are unable to commit to your appointment. That appointment will be cancelled.  If you know that you will be out of the country, or unable to answer our text/call, please let us know ahead so we don't cancel. 

What does "no-show" mean at Little Lash Boutique®?

If you texted or called Little Lash Boutique®, "yes" to a confirmation call or text, but never actually come in for your scheduled appointment, you did not give us an opportunity to fill that time slot with another client.  A full service charge will be applied to your account. Of course emergencies happen.  Being working mothers ourselves, we understand very well, so we are able to give a "once a year" no-show exception. 

What does "no-show" mean at Little Lash Boutique®?

A no-show also means that you actually do show up to your appointment but it is 10 minutes into your confirmed appointment time, and we can no longer service you. If your artist does not have someone else booked after you, we will happily give you the service you made the appointment for, but please be patient with our artists.  We will never rush a service just to "make a buck."  If your artist does not have time after your missed scheduled appointment, but another artist does (or your artist has time later that week) the missed appointment will have to be paid in full first. Your face is way too important to us to take such a risk. 

Lash cancellation details...

If less than 24 hours cancellation/reschedule notice is given for an appointment, a 50% cost of the confirmed scheduled appointment charge will be applied unless someone replaces your appointment before we close for the night. A credit card  is required for all appointments,  however, your credit card information  is encrypted for your protection.  Always feel free to call us with any  questions.  

How much time do I have before I cannot be seen?

7 minutes for brow services, and 10 minutes for lash appointments. If you're late for your microblading appointment, the time is deducted from your numbing time. 

What happens if my Little Lash Boutique® lash or brow artist is late?

Time is something you can never get back, and we respect that. So, if we are running 7 minutes or more late for your brow appointment, your brow appointment is on us!  If we are running more than 10 minutes late or more on a lash appointment, your lash appointment is on us!  

Why does Little Lash Boutique® need a deposit?

The unfortunate reality is when someone makes an appointment, there is a 50/50 chance they will actually make it to that appointment. Little Lash Boutique® opened in 2013, and we have learned a lot since then.  Sadly, this policy was written through the years because of consistent issues with no-shows. By taking a deposit, it allows us to at least guarantee to our lash and brow artists some sort of compensation in case of a no-show.  Deposits are non-refundable. The deposit can be transferred once. 

* $100 deposit for all first time lash appointments

* $300 deposit for first time microblading appointments

Why does Little Lash Boutique® need my credit card "on file?"

Your credit card is actually not "on file." We use a sophisticated booking software that encrypts your credit card number. As soon as the credit card number gets input, instantly it deletes from our screen.  Only the last four digits will ever be available.  Since 2013 we have had maaaany no-shows.  Some of our appointments are three hours long.  Can you imagine having two no-shows back to back?  On a positive note, many clients pre-book a year's worth of appointments, so now that we have their credit card "on file" all they have to do is walk out after their appointment going about their day. 

How do the Lash & Brow artists get paid?

100% commission-based pay, plus gratuity. So if the artist does not have someone in her bed, or brow chair, she is not getting paid.  At Little Lash Boutique® we are the exact opposite of a  franchise-type business model. If an artist goes to work knowing she will get paid no matter how great, or horrible her work is, why bother to strive for excellence? By being paid commission only, the artists are consistently perfecting their skills, taking new classes, and keeping on top of all lash and brow trends. This is the biggest reason why we take no-shows so seriously.  This is our career, and not a part-time gig.  

What if I'm pregnant/breastfeeding, or under 18 years old?

Little Lash Boutique® cannot give pregnant/breastfeeding women the keratin lash lift during their first trimester.  We are also unable to do microblading on pregnant/breastfeeding mothers, or anyone under the age of 18.  Any lash or brow services for clients under the age of 18 needs to be approved by parent or guardian before the service. It is not illegal to wax a 16 year old kid's brows, but at Little Lash Boutique® we like to keep close communication, especially with the parents of our youngest clients.